Model 617SS2 | .357 MAG
Model 617SS2 | .357 MAG
Model 605PLYSS2 | .357 MAG
Model 605PLYSS2 | .357 MAG
Model 85PLYB2FS | .38 SPL +P RATED
Model 85PLYB2FS | .38 SPL +P RATED
Model 85PLYSS2FS | .38 SPL +P RATED
Model 85PLYSS2FS | .38 SPL +P RATED
Model 605B2 | .357 MAG
Model 605B2 | .357 MAG
Model 605PLYB2 | .357 MAG
Model 605PLYB2 | .357 MAG
Model 605SS2 | .357 MAG
Model 605SS2 | .357 MAG
Model 85B2FS | .38 SPL +P RATED
Model 85B2FS | .38 SPL +P RATED
Model 85SS2FS | .38 SPL +P RATED
Model 85SS2FS | .38 SPL +P RATED
Model 905B2 | 9 mm
Model 905B2 | 9 mm
Model 905SS2 | 9 mm
Model 905SS2 | 9 mm
Model 85B2ULFS | .38 SPL +P RATED
Model 85B2ULFS | .38 SPL +P RATED

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