We recently discovered that a batch of the new Curve™ pistols left our facility without the caliber (.380 Auto) prominently displayed. We are requesting that these firearms are returned to us for proper marking. There are no quality or safety issues with these firearms and the marking error has been corrected. We are currently producing and shipping Curves to meet the significant demand.

We will send your specific firearm with the proper marking back to you quickly upon receipt. We would also like to offer you a special edition baseball hat or T-shirt for our mistake. Our Customer Care team is standing by and ready to quickly facilitate the return of your firearm and the receipt of your T-Shirt or hat. Please call Taurus Customer Care at 1.800.327.3776, select Option 1 for Customer Care, then press 8 for priority service. We thank you for being one of the first people to purchase the Curve and apologize for the inconvenience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Has the problem/issue been identified and fixed?
Yes, all Curves currently in production are properly marked. We are regularly shipping new products to meet the significant demand.

Are there any safety or functional issues with my recently purchased Curve firearm?
No. We need to mark the caliber on the barrel and will return your gun to you as soon as possible.

Where will the caliber be visible moving forward?
Please reference the image below. It can be seen on the barrel.

How many firearms were affected?
This was limited to some of the first shipments that left our facility.

Are you offering anything for the inconvenience of having to immediately return my new firearm?
We appreciate the people who were the first ones to purchase this new, different and exciting firearm. We recognize the inconvenience this issue causes. Our Customer Care team is ready to help make this process as smooth as possible and will be able to offer you a special edition hat or T-shirt in return for your understanding and patience. If you are taking advantage of the Service Request Process (details below) please download the form to expedite the receipt of your T-shirt or hat.

Do I have to call Customer Care to return my Curve?
Calling Customer Care is a no-cost option for you. As always, our customers are welcome to utilize our self-service options by creating the work order and sending the firearm in for engraving. Please specify in the note section of the work order “For Engraving Only” to ensure that your firearm is expedited and returned to you in a timely manner. Please note you will have to pay for shipping if you use our online Service Request process.




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