Developed through direct feedback from Special Forces teams stationed around the world, the Taurus 24/7 OSS™ is one of the most advanced firearms in the history of pistol making.

Built to meet and/or exceed all requirements laid down by USSOCOM (United States Special Operations Command) for its new sidearm, this extreme duty pistol offers unprecedented reliability, durability, accuracy and ergonomic functionality.

Capable of firing thousands of failure-free rounds in virtually any environment, whether it be jungle humidity and mud, desert heat and sand, or arctic cold andice, we packed the 24/7 OSS with features that real-world professionals need.

Firearm Features

The Revolutionary Taurus Single Action/Double Action Trigger System Fires Normally in a Smooth, Single Action Mode. However, if the Primer Fails to Ignite, it Gives You a Life-Saving Second Try at Firing a Faulty Cartridge.
Ambidextrous Indexed Taurus Memory Pads™ Along the Frame Provide an Automatic Finger Locator for Safe Firearm Handling, and Aid Quick and Accurate Aim When Using a Traditional Two-Handed Grip.
A 5.25" Match Grade Barrel Forged From Heavy Ordnance Grade Steel and Long-Sight-Radius 5” Slide Providing Better Accuracy and Quicker Follow-Up Shots.
Picatinny Rail System Accommodates Any Slide-On Light or Laser Sight.  
An Aggressive Checkered Grip Allows for a Glue-Like Purchase on the Gun,Even with Sweaty Hands.
“I think the Taurus 24/7, in any version, is a gun you can stake your life on. I’m staking mine.
AndI think the Taurus 24/7 OSS is about to give the competition an interesting challenge.”
Dick Metcalf, Writer - Guns&Ammo Magazine (June/2007)

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