The result of more than four years of research and engineering, the 24/7-PRO™ offers a combination of features and enhancements unparalleled in modern handguns. The exclusive Taurus Single Action/Double Action trigger system delivers a level of speed and reliability no other handgun can match. Accuracy prevails thanks to a hand-mated frame, slide and barrel, all with matching serial numbers to assure a flawless fit, finish and functionality previously unheard of from an “out of the box” firearm.

In addition, the 24/7-PRO has already set numerous world records in speed shooting competitions, winning high praise from top military, law enforcement and security professionals from around the world. Available in 9mm, .40 caliber and .45 ACP and three distinct barrel lengths, the 24/7-PRO is the duty-use sidearm of the future and the next pistol that should be at your side.

Firearm Features

The Revolutionary Taurus Single Action/Double Action Trigger System Fires Normally in a Smooth, Single Action Mode. However, if the Primer Fails to Ignite, it Gives You a Life-Saving Second Try at Firing a Faulty Cartridge.
Ambidextrous Indexed Taurus Memory Pads™ Along the Frame Provide an Automatic Finger Locator for Safe Firearm Handling, and Aid Quick and Accurate Aim When Using a Traditional Two-Handed Grip.
A 5.25" Match Grade Barrel Forged From Heavy Ordnance Grade Steel and Long-Sight-Radius 5” Slide Providing Better Accuracy and Quicker Follow-Up Shots.
Picatinny Rail System Accommodates Any Slide-On Light or Laser Sight.   An Aggressive Checkered Grip Allows for a Glue-Like Purchase on the Gun,Even with Sweaty Hands.   Decocker/Safety

“All in all, I found the Taurus 24/7-PRO 9mm to be a simple, functional, reliable and quite attractive handgun with a functional, reliable and quite attractive handgun with a price point that most anyone can afford. It has a good trigger, excellent sights and a hand filling grip that is easy to hold onto during rapid fire. If you don’t like the 9mm, get a .40 or .45 ACP. What more could you want?”
Dave Spaulding, Writer - Combat Handguns Magazine (Dec/2008)
Model 24/7-40BP-15 | .40
Model 24/7-40BPC-10 | .40
Model 24/7-40BPC-15 | .40
Model 24/7-40DTP-15 | 
Model 24/7-40SSP-10 | .40
Model 24/7-40SSP-15 | .40
Model 24/7-45BP-10 | .45 ACP
Model 24/7-45BP-12 | .45 ACP
Model 24/7-45BPC-12 | .45 ACP

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