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Tools of the Trade — Hunting

Tools of the Trade — Hunting

Welcome to our second installment in the Tools of the Trade! Previously we took a look at an often overlooked and underappreciated piece of gear, the competition shooting belt. Today we’re moving into a field that is a passion for quite a fe...

Impressing your Gun Store — Evaluate and pick ergonomics

Safe and clear Welcome back to our series on safely buying your first gun and making sure that the person selling you that gun thinks you’re cool. Today we’re taking a look how to select a gun’s ergonomic features. Or to put it ...

Rise of the Bull Episode Two

Bret Vorhees President and Chief Executive Officer At Taurus, you'll find we have amassed the technology, the expertise, and the passion to deliver world class innovation. Our all new Rise of the Bull video series serves to highlight the peopl...
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