Item No: 2-441039T-F24
UPC: 7-25327-61185-1
MSRP: $ 1,499.00

Prepare for the worst, equip with the best

At any given moment, a catastrophic event can take place. Having the right gear at your finger tips can ensure a positive outcome to a life-threatening crisis.

The FIRST 24™ system provides the necessary tools to survive as you reach safety. A team of industry experts selected the premium components that outfit this kit designed to keep with you as part of your everyday life. Aimpro Tactical custom tuned and finished every Taurus Judge and CRKT Knife to their exacting standards.

Whether you are stranded on a mountain pass or evacuated from a hurricane, your confidence will be instilled since you are better prepared with the Taurus First 24™.

The First 24 kit includes the following:




Revolver Taurus Judge (2-4410039T) Customized by Aim Pro Tactical® 1
Knife Columbia River Knife & Tool Sting® Survival Knife 1
Flashlight Brite Strike EPLI Flashlight (220 Lumens) 1
Emergency Signal Brite Strike APALS (White, Green and Red) 3
Fire Starter Kit Zippo Outdoors Emergency Fire Starter Kit (Orange) 1
Battery Caddy Power Pax Slim Line Caddie (fits 6 AA Batteries ) 1
Batteries Energizer E92 AA Batteries 6
Compass 20 mm Spherical Survival Compass 1
Paracord 550 Survival Paracord Bundle 1
Case SKB Waterproof/Drop-Proof Survival Case (1209-4 Tan) 1

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