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Taurus Lernts Outdoors Larry Weishuhn


Lessons learned are not always pleasant nor “easy”. In a reasonably long career of hunting I have my share of some of those “lernts”! One of my first happened when I was a mere youngster hunting deer only a short distance behind our rural Texa...

Taurus 856 T.O.R.O. Review

By Tamara Keel Optically-sighted revolvers, in and of themselves, are not new things. You’ve been able to buy scope-mounting kits for medium- and large-frame revolvers since the earth cooled. The thing is, however, that these revolve...

Getting The Most out of your self-defense training

by Mark Luell In a world where time and money are scarce, finding ample resources for self-defense skill development seems like a luxury. This challenge necessitates a shift in mindset towards efficiency and prioritization. You can’t do e...