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Taurus Hunt


It’s what we know.
It’s what we do.
It’s who we are.

We’re explorers. We’re adventure seekers. We’re those who pursue the experiences that take us to the source of life itself.

We’re at home in the woods and restless in modern society.

We’re passionate about our craft and driven to improve it.

We know what works and what doesn’t. So, we customize. We innovate.

We devote our time and resources to developing precisely the types of tools we need for each pursuit.

There’s no one gun fits all mindset here.

It’s why we’ve created Taurus // Hunt—an expertly crafted, uniquely diverse collection of hunting firearms designed to maximize your lethality in the field.

Taurus // Hunt firearms are perfected for the situations and environments that serious hunters like us find ourselves in.

It's this stringent attention to detail that inspired American Hunter magazine to name the Taurus Raging HunterTM its 2019 “Hunting Handgun of the Year”.

And it’s why we continue to deliver game-changing, hunting-centric firearms that deliver the best performance, reliability and value in their class.

Although Taurus // Hunt offers an ultra-modern take on the traditional hunting firearm, this collection’s DNA harkens back to the days when hunting wasn’t just a lifestyle.

It was our lifeblood.

Welcome to Taurus // Hunt.

Taurus // Hunt - Make every hunt an adventure.

Raging Hunter Series

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