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Rise of the Bull Episode Five - Cody Osborn

Rise of the Bull Episode Five

On this installment of Rise of the Bull, the tables have been turned and our marketing director, Cody Osborn, is being interviewed instead of doing the interviewing! Cody’s been in the firearms industry starting on the retail side selling guns in...
5 Reasons you Need Revolver Speed Loaders

5 Reasons you Need Revolver Speed Loaders

While revolvers may be considered obsolete by some, they’re also enjoying a resurgence in popularity. That also means that more and more people are buying support gear for their guns, including speed loaders. Let’s take a look at 5 rea...
Fox Edge Atrax Folding Knife Black G-10 Handle

What Makes the Best EDC Knives?

What are EDC knives? Well, the answer is right there in the name: Every day carry. To our mind, this can cover a lot of ground. Maybe an EDC knife is for self-defense, or maybe it's for general purpose use. Things like opening boxes, cutting ta...