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Taurus Shooting Team Dominates 2022

Taurus Shooting Team Dominates 2022

Team Taurus has been on a tear all of 2022. The squad, consisting of KC Eusebio, Jessie Harrison, and junior member Trent Eichler started hot and continues to rack up wins.

Their season opened with the USPSA Area 6 championship. Everyone got off to a great start, with KC taking home a dominating win in Open division. In the Single Stack division, Jessie took the Lady’s division title, as well as securing a top 5 Single Stack overall finish. Trent also excelled, winning Single Stack B class.

Coming off that strong start, Jessie and KC moved on to the World Speed Shooting Championship, better known as Steel Challenge. KC continued his winning streak, breezing to a 7 second win over multi-time champion BJ Norris in second place. That alone would have been an impressive feat, however Jessie set a new standard for female shooters at the match. The Steel Challenge has a trophy for the Steel Master – this is the person that shoots the fastest combined time between a Rimfire pistol, an iron sighted pistol, and an optic-equipped pistol. The Steel Master trophy has always been awarded to a male shooter…until this year. Jessie won the coveted title in a tight battle against Grandmaster shooter Michael Poggie. Initially, Poggie took a lead after the rimfire event, but Jessie came back strong in Open and Iron Sights, clinching the title of Steel Master decisively.

The team took their strong momentum into one of the most popular USPSA matches of the year: The Dragon’s Cup. Here, Jessie would taste her first defeat of the season, finishing 2nd place in the Lady’s Single Stack race. Trent continues to develop his skills, once again winning B-class in Single Stack at another major match. Finally, in Open division, KC once again demonstrated why he’s one of the greatest to ever pull a trigger. On Stage 5 he crashed, shooting a no-shoot and a miss. No worries, because he went on to win 7 of the 12 stages and bring home another Open win.

Perhaps the least eventful match of the season was the Area 1 championship. Both KC and Jessie cruised to easy wins in Open and Lady’s Open, respectively. Unfortunately, up next was one of the toughest matches of the year: Area 5.

At the USPSA Area 5 Championship, Jessie brought home the Women’s Open championship by an enormous margin. This match was characterized by very tough targets, hard partials, and set a new standard for difficulty at Area Championships. Jessie also finished in the overall top 10 in Open division. KC found himself in a war for the top spot, and brought home two early stage wins. He ended up rounding out the podium places, bringing in 3rd place.

KC was on the hunt for redemption at Area 3, and he found it with a dominant win in Open division, crushing 2nd place by almost 7%. Jessie continued to show why she’s the top female shooter in USPSA, smashing the competition and taking home her second Ladies Open title.

The next few matches included Area 8, where Jessie won another Lady’s Open title. She followed that with another Open win at the IPSC Pan-American championship, a trudging match shot in horrid weather conditions that ranged from pouring rain to ankle deep mud. Meanwhile, in Single Stack, Trent brought home his first Area win, taking the overall SS title at the Area 4 championship.

There are two major matches left in the season. Up next is the match all eyes are on: the USPSA Race Gun National Championship. With a string of Area wins under their belts, KC and Jessie are poised to continue their season-long run of success at the prestigious USPSA Nationals. But a National Championship isn’t the end of the season. The Team’s season will wrap up in Pattaya, Thailand at the 2022 IPSC Handgun World Shoot.

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