Tools of the Trade—Competitive Belt Rigs

Tools of the Trade—Competitive Belt Rigs

Welcome to our all-new Tools of the Trade monthly Bullfighter Journal article and video series.

For first-time competitive shooters, choosing the right equipment breakdown can be overwhelming and even a bit intimidating.

From holsters and mag pouches to advanced belt systems and add ons, the right choice—and the proper training methods—can make a huge difference in the way you approach the competitive shooting lifestyle.

In the accompanying video, elite pro shooters and Team Taurus members Jessie Harrison and KC Eusebio demo the belt rigs they’ve been successfully running in their own competitive events for well over a decade.

Not only do they reveal what specific brands they use and what divisions they compete in, but they offer solid advice on how you can choose the proper equipment breakdown for your own competitive career.

Think of it as a Pro Tip from two of the finest competitive shooters in the entire world.

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