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5 Reasons you Need Revolver Speed Loaders

April 10, 2023
While revolvers may be considered obsolete by some, they’re also enjoying a resurgence in popularity. That also means that more and more people are buying support gear for their guns, including speed loaders. Let’s take a look at 5 reasons why if you’re going to carry a revolver you need speed loaders. What is a Speed Loader A...
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What Makes the Best EDC Knives?

What are EDC knives? Well, the answer is right there in the name: Every day carry. To our mind, this can cover a lot of ground. Maybe an EDC knife is for self-defense, or mayb...
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Why you Should Have a Good Range Bag

A range bag is a type of bag that is specifically designed to carry firearms, ammunition, and shooting accessories to the shooting range. Range bags come in various shapes and s...
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Tools of the Trade: Do you Need a Weapon Mounted Light?

A weapon-mounted light is a tactical accessory that is attached to a firearm. Typically mounted on a handgun for home defense or concealed carry provide illumination in low-ligh...
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Tools of the Trade: KC’s CCW

Today we’re taking a look at the concealed carry set up for one of the best competition shooters in the world, our own KC Eusebio. KC’s goal with his EDC is reliability first; ...
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Tools of the Trade: Concealed Carry Holsters

Selecting a concealed carry holster and position is a deeply personal experience. While there are general best practices for holster position and selection that have been establ...
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Concealed Carry Debate - IWB vs OWB

When choosing to carry a gun for self-defense, one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is how to carry your gun. The two most popular methods are Inside the Waistba...
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Taurus G Series - Family Versatility

Today we’re taking a look at how the G3 series of pistols allows shooters like you to pick the perfect pistol for your needs. The G3 series starts with the full size gun a...
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Tools of the Trade — Hunting

Welcome to our second installment in the Tools of the Trade! Previously we took a look at an often overlooked and underappreciated piece of gear, the competition shooting belt. ...