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Rise of the Bull Episode Five

On this installment of Rise of the Bull, the tables have been turned and our marketing director, Cody Osborn, is being interviewed instead of doing the interviewing!

Cody’s been in the firearms industry starting on the retail side selling guns in the shop, and then moving through sales and into marketing before landing with Taurus as the Director of Marketing. In this role, he oversees marketing efforts for Taurus and a team of dedicated professionals.

After joining Taurus during the launch of the 856 Executive Grade revolver, Cody next turned his attention to our line of semi-automatic pistols. As a highly accomplished shooter, he wanted to see just how much performance he could wring out of the G3 and GX4 pistol families. While our readers won’t be surprised, he was able to get our reliable and affordable semi-automatics to perform at the same level as other, much more expensive guns.

For more about Cody’s story with Taurus, check out this Rise of the Bull feature video: