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Rise of the Bull Episode Four

On previous episodes of Rise of the Bull, we’ve talked about the innovation we’re bringing. We’ve talked about attention to detail, and we’ve talked about employees who have risen through the ranks here at Taurus. Now we’re talking about something just as important: experience.

If there’s one word that describes Shari Lynn-Fix, it’s that: experience. As the Direct of Sales, she oversees multiple aspects of the sales side, including Taurus’ expansive dealer program. She brings over 35 years of industry experience to the table, having spent time with multiple major manufacturers over the years.

To say Shari knows her stuff would be quite an understatement. But, as a woman in a male dominated space she’s faced challenges through her career. However, thanks in part to the contributions of Shari and people like her, the industry at large has improved.

To learn more about her journey through the firearms industry, her time at Taurus, and how she believes that Taurus is changing the industry, check out her interview with Cody below.