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Rise Of the Bull | EPISODE ONE

Alejandro Delgado
| Warranty Repair Manager

At Taurus, you'll find we have amassed the technology, the expertise and the passion to deliver world-class innovation.

Our all-new Rise of the Bull video series serves to highlight the people behind our legendary brand.

Episode One features Warranty Repair Manager Alejandro Delgado.

A Taurus team member since 2016, Alejandro—or Alex, as we all affectionally call him—is the epitome of hard work paying off.

Alex began answering phones and attentively helping callers as an entry level customer service representative at Taurus. Within a few short years, Alex exhibited both the initiative and the skillset necessary to work his way into a career-defining role within the company.

Now as Warranty Repair Manager, Alex oversees the Warranty Repair Department and its newly streamlined operation that has significantly improved the warranty repair process and turnaround.

Interviewed by our own Cody Osborn, Alex talks about his early beginnings at Taurus, his move up the corporate ladder as well as the company's pivotal relocation from Miami to Bainbridge, Georgia.

Cody and Alex also delve into the volume and quality of new products currently being manufactured in the Bainbridge facility, the importance of repairing and returning firearms to their owners in a timely manner, and the overall state of Taurus as the company continues its unwavering commitment to product innovation, craftsmanship, reliability and value.

Watch the full video now.