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Rise of the Bull Episode Two

Bret Vorhees

President and Chief Executive Officer

At Taurus, you'll find we have amassed the technology, the expertise, and the passion to deliver world class innovation.

Our all new Rise of the Bull video series serves to highlight the people behind our legendary brand.

Episode Two reaches full Executive Grade status featuring our very own President and CEO Bret Vorhees.

Bret goes one on one with Cody Osborn in this exclusive interview as they discuss Taurus’s expanded U.S. manufacturing capacity and product development capabilities, ongoing collaborative efforts with our Brazilian partners, and meeting the diverse needs of our growing customer base.

Bret also addresses the importance of continual improvement from increasing manufacturing quality and efficiency to delivering game changing, performance driven firearms such as the TaurusTX ™ 22 and the Taurus® GX4 to the direct impact that the Taurus culture has on its people, its products and the industry as a whole.

When asked about the new Taurus manufacturing facility, Bret reiterates just how crucial the recent move from Miami to Bainbridge, Georgia really was and how it it’s already paid huge dividends in the U.S. market.

According to Bret, having the ability to design and build a new, larger facility in Bainbridge gave Taurus a huge boost in its overall production efforts. In fact, Taurus more than doubled its manufacturing output in the United States in 2021 alone.

A very promising sign for what’s to come from Taurus in the years ahead.

Watch the full video now.