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Taurus GX4 Gun of the Year

Gun of the what? That’s right, Gun of the Year. It’s not our first trip here as a company, seeing as we’ve won awards for plenty of previous guns, like the Raging Hunter for example. But this one is special, because seeing the GX4 win Guns and Ammo’s Gun of the Year for 2022 means that the work we’re doing is working.

The Taurus GX4 and its bigger brother, the GX4XL are made right here in the United States in our Bainbridge, GA facility. Each gun is test fired before it leaves the factory on its way to you. It was our first design build from the ground up with optics in mind. The GX4 represents the future of what we’re doing at Taurus, and that’s why we’re so proud of winning Gun of the Year.

Thanks to everyone out there who carries, shoots, and uses their GX4, and all our products for making this possible. And don’t think we’re stopping here. We’ve got some incredible new products coming in 2023 that are going to keep moving the ball forward.

Gun of the Year in 2022 for the GX4 is awesome. Let’s see what next year brings.