Impressing Your Gun Store: Do your Homework

Impressing Your Gun Store: Do your Homework

One of the most frustrating experiences that a gun store employee can have is when a customer tells them that “I need a gun.” For what? Hunting? Concealed carry? Home defense? Often, this leads to the employee pulling down a selection of guns that cover a vast range of possible uses. Of course, if you want to avoid being “that guy” here are a couple of quick tricks on how to do your homework before you even set foot in the store.

First, know what the gun is for. If you’re trying to get a gun for both concealed carry and home protection because you only have the budget for one thing, tell the employee that. If you’re looking for something you can carry concealed day to day without being spotted, tell them that. If you’re not sure, before you ask to see every gun in the store, ask the employee questions. There’s a good chance they’ve heard it before and have a good answer.

However, the best possible thing you can do in this situation is to do a little research in advance. Google searches like “the best guns for home defense” will often provide valuable insight that can start your journey on the right path.

For more, check our this installment of How to Impress Your Gun Store below:

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