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Impressing your Gun Store—Safety at the Counter

Impressing your Gun Store—Safety at the Counter

Welcome to our all-new Bullfighter Journal.

You want to buy your first gun? Or, you’ve already went through the process and understand that the person selling you the gun has, well, seen some stuff.

After years of standing behind the counter with the mentality of “The Customer is Always Right”—and biting their lip through some crazy stories and opinions over choices in guns, ammo, holsters, etc.—these sales professionals are mainly unimpressed with just about anything.

However, one thing that actually seems to impress them is proper, not exaggerated, forms of firearms handling. Think about it; where does this person stand all day? Right on the opposite end of the barrel of the gun.

Today's article focuses on Impressing your Gun Store (the person behind the counter)  and the importance of practicing safe firearm habits at the counter.

When shopping at any gun store, you should follow the first rule of safety when handling a new firearm.

RULE #1: Always verify that the gun that has been handed to you is, indeed, unloaded.

Plain and simple, you never know who may have been handling it prior to you picking it up—even if the associate hands it directly to you from a display behind the counter.

Once in your hand, simply drop the magazine out and verify that the feeding source is empty.

Next, rack the slide back and check to make sure the inside of the chamber is completely clear.

Now you are able to handle the firearm safely.

This is a simple yet effective way to impress your retail sales associate while ensuring your safety and the safety of those around you.

Our own Cody Osborn breaks down this important safety rule with the help of some friends in this accompanying video.

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