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Concealed Carry with a Tucked-in Shirt

January 27, 2023
One of the toughest concealed carry challenges is how to carry when you have to tuck your shirt in. If we’re honest, most “CCW solutions” work best with an untucked, and while society’s dress code has become fairly casual, there are still occasions that may call for a tucked in shirt and to be armed. The first and most o...
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Concealed Carry Debate: Full Size Vs Micro

When it comes to every day carry (EDC), one of the most enduring debates is what size gun to carry. Should you carry a fullsize gun like a Taurus G3 Tactical, or are you better ...
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Manual Safety or Not?

One of the constantly raging debates in the concealed carry community is whether or not your carry gun should have a manual safety. Many modern striker fired polymer framed guns...
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Conceal Carry Debate: Iron Vs. optic Sights

The Case for Irons: “The optic is just another hanging off that gun that makes it harder to conceal” It’s very much a red dot world these days. Even very small carry guns, lik...
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Slide finish and serrations

Let’s take a look at one of the massive improvements Taurus has made as a company, and that’s finishes. No, not finishing as in races, but rather the gas-nitride s...
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Conceal Carry Debate: Short slide Vs Long slide

Today we’re looking at the advantages or disadvantages of a short slide vs a long slide on a concealed carry gun. For example, both the G3c and the GX4 have XL versions wh...
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In Depth: Taurus G-Series Sighting Systems

One of the best things about shopping for a new EDC firearm is the ability to check out the latest options available that will fit both your individual needs and your budget. I...
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Concealed Carry Debate: Revolver vs. Semi-Auto

Welcome to our Concealed Carry Debate article and video series located within our all-new Bullfighter Journal. Are you Team Revolver or Team Semi-Auto? Do you prefer the myria...
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G3 Trigger

The hot topic always comes to mind when looking at defensive pistols is the trigger. Let’s face it, we all know when you pick up a new pistol to try out, the first thing we do i...