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Conceal Carry Debate: Short slide Vs Long slide

Conceal Carry Debate: Short slide Vs Long slide

Today we’re looking at the advantages or disadvantages of a short slide vs a long slide on a concealed carry gun. For example, both the G3c and the GX4 have XL versions which have a longer slide.

But why would you want a longer slide on a small concealed carry gun? Two key reasons – the first is that, perhaps surprisingly, a longer holster can aid concealment. Let’s use the keel principle as explained by PHLster:

“Longer holsters balance better, making them more comfortable and easier to conceal. This is especially true if you have a bit of a belly – that tends to push the grip out more and make the muzzle dig in.”

The second advantage to a longer slide is increased sight radius. It’s well documented that guns with longer slides are easier to shoot accurately when you’re using iron sights. This is because a longer slide allows shooters to more accurately read the position of their front sight relative to the rear sight.

However, it’s not all advantages for the long slide guns. A long slide gun can also decrease concealment if the muzzle end of the holster starts to print. This can especially be a problem in tighter clothes and for people with shorter legs. Plus, you can completely eliminate the advantages of a long slide pistol by adding a mini-red dot sight.

Check out Cody and Jessie discuss the pros and cons of each below, and let us know what your preference is!

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