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Concealed Carry Debate: Revolver vs. Semi-Auto

Concealed Carry Debate: Revolver vs. Semi-Auto

Welcome to our Concealed Carry Debate article and video series located within our all-new Bullfighter Journal.

Are you Team Revolver or Team Semi-Auto?

Do you prefer the myriad of options and higher capacity available with a semi-auto pistol or the modularity and reliability of a revolver?

If you carry concealed, this topic is most likely one that you’ve considered in the past.

What you carry—and the way you carry—is totally your prerogative.

Some people prefer the simplicity of a revolver: the way it feels in their hands and the ability to quickly point and shoot in a defensive situation.

Others feel that semi-autos are easier to conceal and provide an array of options for all types of shooting—and in any conditions.

There’s really no right or wrong answer as long as you’re comfortable with the choice you’ve made, and you train accordingly.

Or is there?

In the accompanying video, elite pro shooters & Team Taurus members KC Eusebio and Jessie Harrison each take a side on this age-old debate.

Where do you stand? Where do they?

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