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Concealed Carry with a Tucked-in Shirt

Concealed Carry with a Tucked-in Shirt

One of the toughest concealed carry challenges is how to carry when you have to tuck your shirt in. If we’re honest, most “CCW solutions” work best with an untucked, and while society’s dress code has become fairly casual, there are still occasions that may call for a tucked in shirt and to be armed.

The first and most obvious example is to use an external concealment garment such as a jacket or a vest. The problem with that is you may want to take said jacket or vest off at some point, and now you can’t because you don’t want to show everyone your gun.

Another option is carrying in an alternate location, such as pocket carry or ankle carry. These can have drawbacks of their own. Pocket carry is difficult to access while seated, and ankle carry is very slow to access unless you’re seated. Plus, it’s difficult to carry even a compact gun in a pocket or on an ankle. That being said, ankle carry can have some advantages and certainly has a place as a carry option.

That leaves us with belt carry. There are a couple of good options here, including holsters that have tuckable belt clips, although those can still leave two belt clips visible over your belt. The best tuckable CCW option is probably the Phlster Enigma, which allows complete concealment under a tucked in shirt.

To see how Cody and KC solve this issue, check out the video below for more:

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