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In Depth: Taurus G-Series Sighting Systems

In Depth: Taurus G-Series Sighting Systems

One of the best things about shopping for a new EDC firearm is the ability to check out the latest options available that will fit both your individual needs and your budget.

If you’re familiar with the Taurus® G-Series, you know that we continue to add exciting and affordable new models to our comprehensive line of compact, full-size and hybrid EDC pistols.

With these new product drops comes an array of performance-driven features designed to improve your overall shooting experience.

The upgraded Taurus® G3 Series sighting system, for example, delivers exceptional accuracy, reliability, and versatility for shooters of all skills and disciplines.

With the G3 Series, we’ve transitioned to a traditional dovetail cut that allows for easy aftermarket sight replacement. So, if you find that you would prefer an alternative sight picture, you can easily replace the factory site with your choice of aftermarket brand based upon your personal preferences.

With any firearm, accuracy is key. The G3 Series rear sight is cut on an angle at the edges allowing you to see more peripherally at your target. It also includes serrations to help provide an extremely focused sight picture.

For all you red dot lovers out there, our exclusive TORO optic-ready system comes standard with universal red dot mounting plates to accommodate virtually any brand on the market.

For added versatility, a convenient cover plate is also included should you decide to remove the optic at any point and run your iron sights exclusively.
Want to know even more?

Stop by your local gun store to see the entire Taurus G3 Series family for yourself.

In the meantime, our latest video installment features Cody Osborn and Jessie Harrison as they demo the key upgrades included on the G3 Series sighting system.
Watch the full video now.

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