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Slide finish and serrations

Slide finish and serrations

Let’s take a look at one of the massive improvements Taurus has made as a company, and that’s finishes. No, not finishing as in races, but rather the gas-nitride slide finish on the entire G3 series.

What are the benefits of a gas-nitride finish?

    It hardens the metal, making it more resistant to wear and tear
  • It’s highly corrosion resistant
  • Now, with that in mind, no finish is bomb proof. Even our tough finish will wear over time, especially if you’re out there shooting and training with your gun. In this world, people pay money for “battle worn” finishes on their rifles and pistols. The easiest way to get that cool, well-used look on your Taurus G3 or GX4 is to actually get out there and shoot it!

    Next up, another big improvement are the slide serrations. We’ve added forward cocking serrations to our semi-autos like the G3 Tactical so that shooters can get a better grip when they’re chambering a round or clearing an ammo-induced malfunction.

    For more, check out Cody and KC discussing these improvements on the G3 and GX4 series!

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