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On Point With Larry Weishuhn - Taurus Journal
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Larry Weishuhn

To keep up with Larry’s “goings-on” you can do so by listening to the weekly podcasts “Campfires with Luke and Larry” on Sporting Classics Daily and his weekly “DSC’s Campfires with Larry Weishuhn” which can be listened to on

Both are now also available just about anywhere podcasts can be heard. Another way is to watch the weekly “A Sportsman’s Life” digital tv show on

On Point with Larry Weishuhn
Articles by Larry Weishuhn

Becoming A Hog Pistoleero!

April 11, 2024
Looking for a bit of a challenge? Might I suggest hunting wild hogs with a handgun and more specifically doing so with a Taurus Raging Hunter revolver! Why a pistol ...

Hitting the 500 Yard Target

March 18, 2024
My friend and hunt host, David Cotton, had just gotten his Mossberg Patriot Predator chambered in 6.5 PRC which he topped with a Trijicon 3-18x50 AccuPoint scope. That accomplis...

The Aging Outdoorsman Or Outdoorswoman

March 18, 2024
Recently while scanning some “social media”, which I only do very occasionally, I found a photo of an older hunter with a really nice whitetail buck. The caption read, “Gra...

Meanwhile Back in West Texas

September 15, 2023
I was glassing thirteen bucks gathered around the “deer feeder”. A buck with extremely darkly stained hocks from his tarsal glands to his ankles, indicating maturity, had a...

From a Sow's Ear

August 15, 2023
From A Sow’s Ear Larry Weishuhn “Making a silk purse out of a sow’s ear.” I have heard that old saw for many years when someone referred to making something out of bas...

Camp Vittles

July 14, 2023
What started as a dust storm, turned into misty rain followed by another red dust storm which resulted in a light mud coating on just about everything! The ride “home” of a...

Calling Time

February 16, 2023
Looking back, I could not help but laugh at myself. I had read several magazine articles about two fellow Texans, Murry and Winston Burnham and their ability to have “critters ...

My Casull

January 05, 2023
“What is it with you and extremely old whitetails?” asked David Archer. We were standing next to an ancient 6-point, with a very narrow spread, I had just shot with ...

Taking Does...

October 18, 2022
“The deer census is completed and we’ve received our harvest recommendations for this coming hunting season from the local Texas Parks and Wildlife Department wildli...

Facing Summer Doldrums

September 09, 2022
Was a time with the arrival of June, July and early August I had my bags packed and was headed to or preparing to head to southern Africa where they were into their fall and win...