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Taurus G Series - Family Versatility

Taurus G Series - Family Versatility

Today we’re taking a look at how the G3 series of pistols allows shooters like you to pick the perfect pistol for your needs. The G3 series starts with the full size gun at the top of the line, which is also available as the G3 Tactical. The G3 Tactical supports optic mounts, weapon mounted lights, and features suppressor height sights as well. Plus, it has been added to the USPSA Production Gun list, meaning you can now shoot matches with it in Production or Carry Optics division.

However, if a full size gun isn’t to your taste, the G3 family has what you need as well. The G3c offers compact size with a 13 round capacity, and the same great trigger as the full size gun. The G3c is also available in our TORO model that’s ready for optics. But if you prefer a longer slide, you can get the G3XL, which uses the G3c’s small frame, but a full length slide for longer sight radius, and to activate the Keel Principle that we’ve discussed in other articles.

Ultimately, whether your goal is personal protection, home defense, competition shooting, or all three, the G3 family of pistols will have something that’s the right fit for you. Check out Cody and Jessie discussing the lineup of guns available and going through their personal choices.

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