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Taurus Today - The 856

Taurus Today - The 856

The Taurus 856 is a compact, lightweight, and reliable revolver designed for self-defense and concealed carry purposes. Its history dates back to the early 20th century when Taurus was founded in Porto Alegre, Brazil, in 1939. Initially, the company focused on manufacturing revolvers and then expanded its product line to include semi-automatic pistols and other firearms.

The specific history of the Taurus 856 begins with the introduction of the Taurus 85 in 1985. The Taurus 856 is a modern adaptation of the classic Taurus 85 revolver, which has been a popular choice for concealed carry for decades. The Taurus 85, originally introduced in 1985, was well-received for its compact size, reliability, and ease of use. The Taurus 856 builds upon this successful foundation, incorporating various improvements and updates to meet the demands of contemporary shooters.

The Taurus 856 features a 6-round cylinder, chambered in .38 Special, making it ideal for self-defense purposes. It is available in various configurations, including different barrel lengths, grip options, and finishes, catering to the preferences and needs of individual shooters.

One significant improvement in the Taurus 856 is the addition of a transfer bar safety mechanism, enhancing the revolver's safety during carry and use. This safety feature ensures that the hammer can only strike the firing pin when the trigger is fully depressed, minimizing the risk of accidental discharges.

Another notable feature of the Taurus 856 is its ergonomic design, which includes a comfortable rubber grip that aids in recoil management and provides a secure hold for improved accuracy during rapid fire. In 2021 Taurus expanded the 856 lineup by adding the Taurus 856 Executive Grade, bringing hand finished quality to the popular line.

Overall, the Taurus 856 has become a popular choice among concealed carry practitioners and individuals seeking a reliable and compact self-defense revolver. Its blend of classic design elements and modern enhancements continues to make it a relevant and sought-after option in the firearm market.

As with any firearm, the Taurus 856's success and popularity are dependent on its performance, reliability, and suitability for its intended purpose. The Taurus brand has a longstanding reputation for producing dependable firearms at an affordable price point, and the Taurus 856 is no exception. Its history and evolution reflect the ongoing commitment of the Taurus company to meet the needs of firearm enthusiasts and responsible gun owners around the world. That makes the 856 one of the best examples of Taurus Today.

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